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Hi, I am ltyzzz

Li Tianyu

Software Engineer

I am a new master student in Computing from National University of Singapore. I have been learning programming for three years. In my spare time, I like to develop some small projects of my own or make wheels, etc.



KillBug - Programming Q&A BBS

April 2023 - Present,

Your Most Reliable Programming Assistant.

  • Implemented core functions such as posting questions, posting rewards, liking, commenting, etc.
  • Adopting the WebSocket protocol implemented real-time communication and collaborative editing functions, making it easy for users to collaborate on coding.
  • By using the Spring Cloud microservice technology stack (Nacos, Gateway, Sentinel), the project implements microservice governance to ensure high availability of services. The Gateway is used to implement global authentication, global exception handling, global throttling, and global security verification.
  • By using Dubbo RPC technology to enable communication between microservices.
  • Implemented sensitive data(phone, email, etc.) desensitization through AOP, Annotation and Serialization techniques to protect user privacy.
  • Deployed microservices and middlewares through Docker, reducing deployment costs and makes maintenance and migration easier.

RiytiyTube - Bullet Chat Video Sharing Website

Jan 2023 - Present,

Distributed Microservice Project based on Spring Cloud. Core Service -> Video Play, Post Push, Instant Messaging, Social Networking, etc.

  • Developed Front-End Website using Vue3.0 and Nuxt framework, achieving server-side rendering..
  • By using Redis caching technology, a general counting service is built to implement functions such as liking, counting, and statistics, which improves system scalability and high performance.
  • Designed and Realized Post-Feed Service by adopting push-pull mode.
  • Designed a site-wide notification system that implements message notification and forwarding..

Remote Procedure Call Framework Based on Zookeeper and Netty

Sept 2022 - Dece 2022,

Mainly used for solving remote call problem with mutiple service.

  • Realized the Proxy layer, Routing layer, Registration Center layer and Serialization layer.
  • Used zookeeper as the service registration and discovery center.
  • Used polling algorithm and random selection algorithm as Routing Layer protocol.
  • Used Hessian and Kryo for Serialization and Deserialization.
  • Used the Chain of Responsibility design pattern to filter requests.
  • Implemented Service Protection through timeout retransmission and service current limiting.
  • Simplified usage of the framework by combining with Spring-Boot-Starter

Smart Parking Lot Project

Nov 2021 - July 2022,

Jointly led by Wuhan University of Technology and Hongxun Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Designed and developed background management system and small program UI.
  • Developed the Back-End system through Spring Boot and Spring Cloud with micro services.
  • Improved overall performance through Redis Cache and Decreased coupling though Message Queue.
  • Ensured system can host 1000 concurrent users through stress test.
  • Assisted colleagues to complete the joint testing of hardware and software systems.
  • Deployed the project to the cloud server.

Data Cleaning and Personalized Recommendation system Based on Spark and Kafka

April 2022 - June 2022,

Used as a branch of the parking lot system to provide users with personalized recommendation services

  • Used Mongodb as main database and Redis as cache.
  • Implemented batch statistical service using Spark Core + Spark SQL.
  • Implemented offline recommendation service through ALS algorithm and Spark Core + Spark MLlib.
  • Implemented log collection service through Flume framework to collect user rating data.
  • Implemented Real-time recommendation service through Spark Streaming and processed user data through custom recommendation algorithms.


Master of Computing
B.E. in Information Engineering
GPA: 3.8 out of 5
Extracurricular Activities
  • Participated in Undergraduate Independent Innovation Project
  • Participated in School-Enterprise Cooperation Project
  • Won School Scholarships for several times

Github Repo

Owner Oct 2022 - Present

Remote Procedure Call Framework Based on Zookeeper and Netty

Owner Oct 2022 - Present

An open-source leetcode-problem-solving repo to improve my understanding of data structures and help others at the same time.